Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage (BELD) technology is based on the principles of vibration energy technology, commonly referred to as Quantum Physics.  The Inspiration BELD employs  a light beam generator and Noble Gas Ionization emitting  a stream of high-frequency photons (negative ions) via a wand.  As this wand is moved over the body, the negative charge loosens trapped proteins, toxins and other waste from cells and knocks this waste off of cells, literally cleaning the spaces between the cells.  These wastes then move into the flow of fluids and out of the tissues via the normal channels of elimination for the body, specifically via your lymphatic system.  It is a gentle, noninvasive therapy which, combined with manual lymphatic drainage techniques, is amazingly effective at clearing waste and stagnation from tissues.   The BELD has been found to be 8-10 times more effective a relieving edema and lymphatic congestion than manual drainage techniques alone.


The BELD equipment engages a heart beat pulse which in turn encourages the body to engage its parasympathetic nervous system which is our place of relaxation and restoration….. literally, our healing place.


Before your session:


Avoid putting anything on the skin (lotions, deodorants, perfumes and make-up) that would block the light energy emitted by the wand.

Avoid eating or drinking a lot for about 1 hour before the session.  This will make it more comfortable to lie down during the session.

Avoid lymphatic irritants (dairy, coffee, sugar, soda, alcohol, etc) the day of the appointment.


After your session:


You will most likely feel relaxed for a few hours after the session.

You may have more volume when you move your waters. Your urine may have a strong smell or be foamy for a couple of hours after the session.

Ensure you drink plenty of clean, filtered water after the session (well, actually, always).

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