Modern colon hydrotherapy equipment uses filtered and sterilized water that enters the rectum via a small water tube and is expelled by the rectum via a separate waste tube.  Water is gradually introduced into the colon until the client reaches a level of fullness.  The water is expelled from the colon through natural peristaltic action which trains the colon to let go of fecal material and gas buildup on its own.  Colon hydrotherapy helps dislodge fecal matter trapped in the pockets and folds of the colon.  In this way, conditions that favor normal flora are restored.  The process is painless and feels like a satisfying bowel movement.  Each client receives their own speculum and tubing so the process is sanitary, clean and free of odors.




I typically ask my clients to castor pack their belly for three days (or nights) before a colonic.  Please always remember that castor oil is for external use only.  Castor oil packing seems to make the colonic go more smoothly.  I’ve had clients I’ve seen for years, and they always have easier, almost magical sessions when they do.  If you are unable to castor pack before your first session, you will have an experience to compare when you do have time to castor pack.  Always seize an opportunity to learn, eh?  Heavy meats, breads and irritants such as meat, dairy, coffee, soda pop, sugar and alcohol would best be avoided for a couple of days before the session as they tend to make the colon sluggish.


Please don’t eat or drink a lot for about two hours before the appointment.  We will be working the belly and it will be more comfortable if it isn’t overly full.  But please, pay attention to your hydration, blood sugar and electrolyte balances so that you don’t feel ravenous after the session.  It’s best to arrive lightly nourished!


When you arrive for your first appointment, you will be asked to complete paperwork.   We then discuss your goals for the session and address your ongoing concerns.   We discuss whatever you might need in order to encourage your colon to function at its best.  I often refer my clients to other wellness and health care practitioners if your areas of concern are beyond the scope of my practice.  It’s important to me that we address your needs and I truly enjoy helping you find what helps your particular issue.


I then show you my colonic equipment, explain how it works and answer any questions you may have.  I use the Aquanet EC 2000 by Prime Pacific Health Innovations Corporation, which is a closed system.   A closed system is self-contained and the waste is excreted directly into the plumbing system so there is no mess, no smell.   The speculums and tubing used are disposable and one-time use only.


I have gowns available and may ask you to change into a gown if your clothing causes any restrictions in the flow of lymph.  Loose, unbinding clothing is the best for lymph flow.  You will then lie on a massage table.  You will be modestly draped during the session.  Your comfort and dignity are my highest priority.    Initially, I gently massage the belly to soften it for the work we are about to do.  After experiencing the initial belly work, a lot of clients just want to come in for the belly massage.  I continue to massage the belly and may also do some lymphatic work, foot reflexology, energy work or other modalities throughout the session.  After the initial belly softening, a speculum is self-inserted into the rectum.  The speculum is narrower in diameter and shorter than the rectum, so is comfortable when inserted even if it may feel somewhat bizarre on the first session.  You will be lying on your back, with your knees supported, throughout the session.


Warm, filtered and UV sterilized water is gently infused into the colon and a series of fills and releases follows.  Most clients report the sensation as pleasant.  A typical colonic lasts for approximately 40 minutes, although may run slightly longer or shorter, depending on the work your body is doing that day. After the colonic, you will use the commode to more thoroughly empty the colon.  This usually takes 5-10 minutes.


 I ask that you schedule at least 90 minutes for the session.  The colon functions best when the body is not rushed or stressed.  Clients seem to have smoother sessions if they arrive relaxed and unburdened.  Give yourself plenty of time to make the appointment.

After the session, most people feel lighter and cleaner.  I suggest that you not burden your body with heavy foods after a colonic.  Some gently steamed veggies or soup seems to work best for most people.  I typically resume my normal, very active regimen after a colonic.  But some days, I feel the need to relax and rest.  I encourage you to listen to your body.  The body knows what it needs and will always communicate those needs. . . . we just need to take the time to listen and honor what the body is saying.


I discovered colon hydrotherapy while on a healing journey after being poisoned in 2002 with Freon, a chemical refrigerant.  I was very ill and continue to have physical challenges 14 years later because of that poisoning.    I realized that colon hydrotherapy was such a valuable tool in the realm of healing that in 2005 I chose to attend classes and become certified.  That was quite a while, and many classes, ago.  I have learned a great deal over the years in order to help my own body heal and repair from the damage caused by the poisoning.  We live in a toxic world.   But can help mitigate the negative effects on our bodies by having a team of dedicated care providers and, most importantly, self-care.  I would be honored to be on your team and help you on your healing journey.



Glenda F. Bell

Boise Idaho

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