I have practiced lymphatic therapy for many years and feel my life’s mission is to spread the gospel of the importance of loving your lymph!!  I began my journey into the healing arts, graduating from the National Holistic Institute in 1994 as a Professional Massage Therapist and Health Educator.  I learned the importance of food energetics while farming Biodynamically in Oregon and New Mexico in the mid-1990s.


After being poisoned by a chemical refrigerant (similar to Freon) in 2002, I discovered the amazing benefits of colon hydrotherapy, receiving my initial training in colon hydrotherapy with Tanesja Vanel at Prime Pacific Health Innovation Corporation in Vancouver BC, with subsequent advanced studies with France Robert at the Internal Environment Institute in southern California.  I am a member of and certified at the advanced level by I-ACT and certified nationally by the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy.


The Freon poisoning provided me many opportunities to learn how a challenge to the lymphatic system can manifest in symptomology.  And how necessary it is to care for our lymphatic system on a daily basis by making the choices that can steer us toward that path of wellness.  I am excited to share how dynamic and powerful your lymphatic system is!


Please review the “Maladies” page on this website.  These are the reasons people usually come to see me.   I would be honored to share my work with you.   Thank you for visiting my website.





Glenda F. Bell

Boise Idaho

Phone: 208-250-7670

E-Mail: lotuswellesstherapies@gmail.com

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