Benefits of manual lymphatic drainage massage are many:


- relieves joint pain and inflammation


- improves sleep


- reduces swelling and tightness


- decreases stress


- engages the parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging deep relaxation


- increases the volume of the flow of lymph through the lymph nodes


- increases the production of lymphocytes, increasing the body’s ability to eradicate infections


Research has shown a strong relationship between poor lymphatic circulation and inflammation.  Inflammation is the beginning of numerous common illnesses.  Poor lymphatic circulation can prevent toxic fluids from draining from tissues resulting in swelling, pain and inflammation.


One of the services I offer is post-operative incision site work.  This intricate and subtle work helps to lay the tissues smoother and flatter, creating a smooth incision site once healed, versus the puckering that can often occur.  This incision site work also includes the gentle movement of lymphatic fluid away from the traumatized tissue, helping lessen swelling, bruising and skin hardening.  Surgery necessarily includes the destruction of lymph pathways.  The destruction of these pathways causes lymphatic fluids to accumulate and stagnate.  When lymph stagnates, the tissues are not receiving nutrients necessary to heal and toxins are not as readily carried away from the surgery site.  Lymphatic drainage massage helps the fluids find and create new drainage pathways, thereby reducing edema, swelling, stiffness and pain.  This post-operative incision site work is appropriate for any surgery, e.g. joint replacements, hand and foot surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, tummy tucks and  liposuction.


Lymphatic drainage massage is often included whenever I work with a pregnant client.  This helps reduce the tightness and discomfort that often develops when the body’s extremities are swollen and inflamed.  The low back can often be challenged by this lack of lymph flow, resulting in pain and stiffness in the low back.

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