I have been practicing massage therapy professionally since 1993.  I have taken many classes and received many hours of continuing education since then and find that my massage practice is constantly evolving.  I do not have a “routine”, but tailor my work to the individual needs of my client.  My primary areas of focus are listed on the Services Page.   In addition to those modalities, listed below are descriptions of some other massage modalities I may incorporate during a session.


Myofascial  Release


“Myo” refers to muscle. Fascia is connective tissue and fascia surrounds, infuses and protects every other tissue, tendon, muscle, bone, ligament and organ of the body. Fascia has the ability to contract and relax, like muscle, and plays a major role in the body’s mobility and stability.  In this technique, a sustained pressure is used to encourage the fascia in the tissues to loosen and lengthen.  This can provide relief from physical complaints that have had no diagnosis because these fascial restrictions do not show up on MRIs, X-rays or CT scans.  Physicians often prescribe anti-inflammatories,  antidepressants or pain relievers to treat the symptoms caused by these fascial restrictions.  Myofascial release is a drug-free alternative to this painful and often debilitating condition.


Massage Cupping


Massage cupping is a form of vacuum therapy and has had profound beneficial effects on many of my clients.  By creating suction, massage cups lift connective tissue and draw wastes from deep within those tissues toward the surface tissues where the lymphatic system can clean those wastes from the body.  This modality can help release deeply held injuries, stored gases and other toxins from the tissues.  Massage cupping helps soften muscle tissues and loosen adhesions and helps return blood flow to stagnant tissues.  The skin may redden with strong massage cupping, indicating that blood flow has been brought to the surface.  The increased local blood supply will nourish the muscles and skin and the increased fluid flow allows toxins to be carried away by the lymphatic system.  My experience is that any skin discoloration diminishes rapidly and is usually gone within three days.


Swedish Massage


Swedish can break up muscle adhesions and help promote the healthy healing of scar tissue.  Swedish massage uses strokes like cross-fiber friction to help smooth the scar tissue that can accompany injured muscles.   Swedish strokes help improve circulation and encourage the body to engage its parasympathetic nervous system which increases relaxation.   Traditionally, Swedish Massage is performed using oils.


Sports Massage


Practitioners in the massage field hold varying opinions as to what sports massage actually involves.  Many people engage in sports activities every day as part of their normal routine and want to feel well enough to do so, so they receive massage on a regular basis.   Some clients may want pre-event sports massage to help prepare the body for the work it is about to do e.g., a marathon or an Iron Man Competition.  Other clients may be looking for post-event sports massage which is designed to help the body recover from the major energy it just expended and any injuries it may have received along the way.  I use a variety of modalities and techniques to help pre-event or post-event sports enthusiasts achieve their goals.


Prenatal massage


Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to take care of mama and baby, reducing stress and promoting overall wellness.  The discomforts normally experienced by a pregnant mama can be reduced by employing a variety of techniques.  I may use gentle lymphatic work to relieve the swelling in legs and feet that accompanies pregnancy and some deeper work focusing on the low back and hips to help ease the discomfort caused by weight gain.  We use pillows to support your body side-lying and I also have a pillow that is designed to allow a pregnant mama to lie comfortably on her belly.


Soft tissue therapy


Basically soft tissue therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body . . . connective tissue (fascia), muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Soft tissue therapy is a sort of umbrella term which is inclusive of all other therapies that manipulate the body’s soft tissues.

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The information on this site is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe, cure or prevent any disease.  This is for information use only. You are encouraged to consult with your health care practitioner before beginning any therapy.