One of the most important times for a soon-to-be mama is the time she takes to nurture and care for herself.  A stressed out mama isn’t helping herself or her baby.  I can accommodate you with a pregnancy pillow designed to allow you to lie on your belly which can take that weight off of your back and hips.  I can also accommodate you with plenty of pillows side-lying if that is more comfortable.


If you are having a high-risk pregnancy, it is best to get your doctor or midwife’s approval before scheduling a massage appointment.

Lymphatic drainage massage is often included whenever I work with a pregnant client.  This helps reduce the tightness and discomfort that often develops when the body’s extremities are swollen and inflamed.  The low back can often be challenged by this lack of lymph flow, resulting in pain and stiffness in the low back.


Lymphatic work and other massage techniques can help the soon-to-be mama's body:


- Reduce swelling in feet and ankles, as well as the hands


- Reduce the feeling of tightness


- Relieve muscle aches and joint pain


- Stimulate the release of  “feel good” serotonin and dopamine hormones


- Improve relaxation and  sleep


- Lower anxiety and depression


- Increases blood and lymph circulation, strengthening the immune system



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