J.R. via text

My knee hasn’t hurt since we began the lymph work yesterday which is INSANE due to the fact that my knee has been constantly sore especially in the mornings and yet nothing today.  At all.  My left thigh was itching last night and noticed I could feel it, usually it just feels like a weird numb feeling but I could actually feel my fingernails and where they were itching on my leg.


D.C. via text

……………… I have less swelling today than I have since surgery.  I also have a bit better mobility……..


D.T. personal conversation

“I felt like I lost a layer of edema I didn’t even know I had.  My stools were darker and sunk, like my gall bladder was processing bile more efficiently.  I slept deeply for two nights after the session.  And I felt like a stopcock (ball valve) in my body opened.  I would definitely recommend lymphatic drainage.”


J.H. via letter

Dear Glenda,

No words can truly express how grateful I am to you and your brilliant hands.  For the past 9 years your gifted work has seen me through 2 hip replacements, thyroid surgery, re-shaping myself both physically and emotionally and truly relaxed my spirit and body.  I would not be the woman I am today without you in my life! From massage to lymph to energy work, your knowledge and truly exceptional skills are the very best and all that anyone would want from their massage master.  Your facility is so amazing and peaceful and my time with you is complete because of the relaxing nature of the environment. I love it that you take the time to talk with me and find out what’s going on in my body before proceeding because sometimes, even though I think I might want a massage, my body tells you something else is more important – and guess what, it’s always right! To sum it all up, your exceptional talent, the environment, and your caring and personal touch are the best and when I’m in my last days – I want you by my side. Appreciatively,



C.B. – Facebook post 12/23/16

“In need of some great body work?  Want to clear out the toxins that accumulate in the lymph nodes due to certain foods, stress, constriction?  Consider contacting Glenda Bell for an AMAZING time on her massage table wrapped in warm towels, completely relaxed, and following her lead as you both listen to your body and make a fresh start for the New Year.  She has studied for many years and is wise beyond your wildest dreams.  I was skeptical at first, but after over an hour of bodywork – my whole body gurgled with movement.  I felt better than ever, shedded weight that was stuck in weird places, and started making better choices for my vessel of life as I move into 2017.  Strong science, health care wisdom and HEALING, if you so choose.  Contact her today.  Peace out!”


H.C.– via handwritten note

“THANK YOU, thank you for such a wonderful learning experience!  And the most relaxing time I have had.  I feel great, am relaxed and motivated to keep my body well…………………”


B.T. – via email

I was in constant body pain and taking ibuprofen just to be able to sleep.  I’ve had lymphatic work done twice now and I can honestly say that I am no longer dependent on pain killers (that really didn’t work that well) to sleep.  Glenda helped me to understand that certain foods and behaviors were also a contributing factor to the body pain.   I know I need more sessions but already I am experiencing a 100% improvement.

Thank you Glenda!  I will see you again in a couple weeks.


S.G. – via email

I came to see Glenda when I was in a very low energy place.  Because the fires of LA were still raging in the mountains, the air quality was poor, and I had a lot of computer work to do but my eyes were stinging like crazy, so much so that I could barely focus on my work. Glenda explained the benefits of lymphatic drainage and described what I might experience. Her treatment was a wonderfully soothing experience.  She has magic hands, and I drifted off immediately.  It felt like I had been on the table for days versus an hour.  I was completely able to relax.  I also remember having to scratch my face, which itched in several places and Glenda explained that my lymph was draining. That night, I got the best night’s sleep I’d had in several weeks, and the next day, I felt much more conscious and intentional.   My eyes were no longer stinging even though the air quality hadn’t changed.  Both my productivity and sensitivity toward quieting down and making better self-care choices increased, as if I had no more room for “disruptive noise” in my body.   I highly recommend Glenda’s work.  She truly helped me back down into my body and rebooted my system!


B.L. – via email

Glenda seems to have quite the touch, she listens to your body and responds accordingly.  The lymph type bodywork she has done with me is so relaxing, I’m sure that it is a big part of allowing my system to let go of blockages and begin to flow once more.  It’s hard to explain the process, what she actually does, it’s more something that needs to be experienced.  I understand how important it is for detoxing to have the lymph moving.  I sense her nurturing, intuitive work has helped my body continue to move out toxic residue, old and new.


J.G. – via email

Glenda Bell has been doing lymph work on my body for 6 years.  We first started doing lymph work when I had a total knee replacement.  When we got the okay from my surgeon, Glenda started working on moving the lymph fluid through my body, it helped me heal faster.  My physical therapist was impressed with the progress I made and that I was able to bend my knee back so far.  Today I am able to bend that knee clear back, just like I could before the replacement. Glenda has also been working with the arthritis in the knuckles of my hands.  The work she’s done on my hands has helped so much!  I have not had as much trouble with the swelling of the knuckles since she has been working on them.  I am now able to do all the hand work I like to do, such as quilting and embroider, which I was having trouble doing before Glenda started to work on my hands.



Glenda F. Bell

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