In 2008, the client caught his middle finger on his hand in a snow blower.  The finger healed with scar tissue from being mangled and the client said it always ached in the cold and felt like plastic…... like it wasn’t really part of his body.  After one session with the BELD, the client reported that his finger no longer ached, and felt just like all of his other fingers.  These results have still held months later.




This beautiful woman has had health issues for years.  Her symptoms have included itchiness, all over flu-like symptoms, and she has been diagnosed with hashimoto’s disease.  I offered her a session with the BELD as a birthday gift.  When we were talking after the session, she said she had recently told her fiancé that she just wanted a massage on the inside of her body.  She said that the lymphatic work with the BELD was exactly what she was hoping for.




The client had her finger slammed in a door and had to have surgery to reattach her nail matrix . When we spoke about a week after her surgery, she told me how much her arm hurt and she was unable to use it.  I suggested she get in for BELD Therapy.  When she arrived, her entire right arm was red and swollen and she said very painful.  After stimulating the lymphatic drainage points with the BELD Therapy, she felt instant improvement and it was as though her arm deflated before our eyes.  After the BELD Therapy session, the client's hand was much less swollen . . . much less painful.  Her doctor said her finger was four months ahead of his expected healing schedule and she got feeling back in her finger about 10 months before her doctor thought she would.




The right side of the client's face was visibly swollen and had been that way for months.  After our session using the BELD, the client's face was visibly improved.  She took photos that following morning and continued to do lymphatic drainage techniques and castor pack.




This is the E-mail Mellisa Sent to the individual who gave her a gift certificate for my work


omg omg omg. David!


you have no idea what a gift it was to have the healing hands of Glenda show me body systems I've never been introduced to!  I will call tomorrow... but I couldn't wait to share with you my experience... first let me set the scene:


Yes, I am recovering from finger surgery, and have a temporary splint to keep the permanent hardware in place.... so your thoughtful gift was appreciated.  The timing was incredible however, because yesterday I tripped up the stairs while carrying something in my 'good hand', so I had to brace myself with my recovering hand... creating additional trauma to the hand... and lots more swelling, pain and immobility.  So going to see Glenda today was an added treat.


This is my experience.

First I was educated about the lymph system- go figure... How is it we don't pay more attention to our Lymph?!.


Her studio is so pleasing to the eye- i immediately felt relaxed on her table... then she began with her wand.  It is difficult to describe the sensations I experienced... they were subtle, intermittent, and sort of 'blurry'. It wasn't long before an enormous smile took over my face- not sure why... but of course Glenda explained how joy is being released through my body, and the lymph is sometimes related to the Soul.  So yes... we are off to a good start.

Then I sunk into that deep state of bliss that often takes over on a message table.  But this bliss was completely unique.  The wand was creating the sensation of a layer of shimmering water inside my body... like a body suit worn on the inside.  This water was shimmering as when sun light reflects off rippling water, giving colorful metallic reflections.  what a wonderful sensation... feeling connected to a layer of myself that is dynamic and moving and alive.  After the wand awoke the water, her subtle barely moving hands smoothed the water to sheets of glass. still alive, but crystal clear and reflective.


Yup... that was my experience with the sparkly little Glenda with her magic wand playing water games with my Lymph system.


Thank you David, Thank you Glenda, Thank you for this life we live IN LOVE



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